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As a fast growing digital driven charity organization, sadaka.ng has successfully completed a few boreholes and wells project in our ramadhan campaigns session, including the annual Ramadan feeding programme for the needy and the less privileged Muslim Ummah.


Our last project was in Oloje-Banni area where we provided the locality with the only clean water source for the Masjid and the good people of the community. Earlier before then, the Oloje-Banni areas had only one shallow well that serves the residents and the neighboring communities.  At best, it is able to serve the community during the wet season but very unclean and unhealthy. At worse, it is totally dry without usage during the harmattan.



Upon completion of the borehole by sadaka Endowment Foundation, the Oloje-Banni community now have access to 24/7 clean running water supply till date. It is with the great joy of the Muslim ummah in the locality towards the project that further widen our effort to assist more Muslim communities. We kindly seek for your charity donation to provide more access to safe and clean waters for Muslim ummah; one by one, a borehole per campaign, a community before the next.



Allah/prophet (Hadith or Quran verse). We therefore seek your continued charity donation in the course of the almighty Allah in providing a drinkable water source for the people of (name of location) as part of the Ramadan 2022 campaign.  


We look forward to your donation and enquiries. Jazzakumillah Khairan.

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