You are also very worried as a Muslim? So am I. Ramadan is less than a month away, yet the coronavirus keeps gaining ground by the hour., It is no news already, that social gatherings have been prohibited by virtually most authorities (to curb the spread of the epidemic) SubhanaAllah, what will happen with the so much anticipated traditions of Ramadan?

              The daily tafseer gatherings, the communal taraweeh prayers, the Iftars and other social events with family and friends. This indeed isn’t what we all hoped for but nonetheless, we must find a way to harness the blessings promised by Allah (SWT) in the holy month one way or the other.

            If the social gatherings wont still be feasible come Ramadan, then there are other ways we can still perform acts of worship during the month – your family and the less privileged.

Your Family

          Growing up as a child, there were those memorable days my dad would sit the whole family down after Ishai prayer in the family mosque, pick up one of his numerous Islamic books, read through the lines and explain the meanings that were otherwise too deep for our own understanding. Or the days our mums would tell us the tales of the prophets of Allah and pious people of the past. Alhamdulilllah, these deeds of our parents (May Allah reward them abundantly) I believe had very positive impacts in our lives as Muslims. So, that can be it. I challenge every household to draft a plan for the Ramadan already that might include such activities like (amongst others)

-Qur’an memorization.

-Hadiths explanation (by the one in the house who understands it most) and subsequently memorization.

-Explanation of Fiqh (If there is someone sound enough to explain the numerous questions that arise from it).

           In the case where there is none in the house sound enough in the religion, Alhamdulillah, the world has evolved and now, there will be various channels on the TV to sit the family down, watch and learn. May Allah make it all easy for us. (Amin).


The Less Privileged

           Let us take a moment to say Alhamdulillah. You are probably reading this little article and worried about the taraweehs and the tafseers you won’t be able to attend in jama’ah. There are millions of people that are not even able to read this and I guess you know what their worries about Ramadan is.

Ramadan for the poor is usually the best of months in terms of feeding. There is more than enough to eat and drink in mosques during iftar and suhuur. They are not worried of hunger and are able also to move closer to Allah in ibaadah during the month.

          I urge us all to please think of these people, it is also a very tremendous act of ibaadah to feed a mouth even when it isn’t in the month of Ramadan. What then during the holy month. You feed a man, Allah rewards you, and the man prays to Allah on your behalf.

         There are various ways to reach out to these people. There are organizations that take it as their responsibility to reach out to these people and am sure they will figure out a way to get to them, even during the lockdown period.  You can donate to these organizations right from your home.

         I know and am part of sadaka endowment foundation that plans already to reach out to as many people as possible during Ramadan. We ask for your help to make this possible by donating to our course. May Allah reward you in folds (Amin) .

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