Campaign by : Sadaka.ng

The best of charity is that given in the holy month of ramadhan. We have created a campaign to feed hundred of muslims in need in ramadhan. This is our very first charity campaign, Many more to come, Insha Allah.

Location: Ilorin, Kwara State,Nigeria.

Ramadhan Food Project (2019)

₦ 242,500 of ₦ 500,000 raised

Alhamdulillah, the campaign has been completed.


Jazakumullahu khairan.

Personal Info

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a Transfer payable to "Sadaka"
  2. On the reference please indicate that the "name of the campaign" you're donating to.
  3. Please e-mail your receipt to "[email protected]"
  4. Bank Name : JAIZ Bank    Account Number: 0004425887 Account Name:  JAYBEE TECH
  5. After confirmation, we will send you your Donation Receipt and update the campaign progress.






Donation Total: ₦ 1,000.00

Our Story

Be Merciful This Ramadhan

 Allah never expects us to be perfect in ramadhan, but He expects us to keep us trying, whosoever gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will have a reward just like theirs. The Blessed month is here again, Alhamdulillah! . We are planning to feed 1200 muslims  for Iftar and Sahur, we will be relying on your donations to accomplish this, every amount counts. Jazakumullahu khayran!


Depending on the amount raised, we are planning on feeding atleast 200 people daily in ilorin, kwara state, throughout the holy month of ramadhan


For individuals who are unable to fast in the holy month of ramadhan due toa legitimate islamic reason (illness or old age), contact us to help you in collection of the donation to be used in feeding of those in need.

Everlasting Barakah

“Did you not know that had you fed him, you would surely have found that (the reward of doing so) with me?” And as the saying goes, givers never lack, invest in your akhirah by putting smile on the faces of your brothers in need.


How  your funds were used


  •   On Friday 5th Ramadhan, We Co-Sponsored an Open air Iftar with “Sisters of Jannah” Ogranisation in sawmill, Ilorin, Kwara State. They serve Iftar in 4 location daily with Ilorin.


  • On Saturday 6th Ramadhan,  We went to Madallah Medium Security Prison, Imam Dar-Alhijrah Masjid and Unilorin Central Masjid.


  • On Sunday 7th Ramadhan,  We went to Oja Oba, Masjid Ibn Khattab Adeta, and Another Local Masjid at Agbo Oba, Ilorin , Kwara State.



  •   On Friday 13th Ramadhan,we took our iftar to needy the streets of Oja- Oba, and to Masajids at Apalara and Agbo-Oba respectively.


  • We went to a youth correction facility (Borstal training Institute) on the 14th of Ramadan at Gamma,Ilorin.
    We also had a chance to discuss and advice them on becoming better people, so they’ll be successful in this life and the next.

  • We also supported the family of the sick , students, guest and staff in the Masjid close to the surgical ward of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. Then on the 16th we also provided Iftar to the Kwara State General Hospital Masjid .  



  •   On Sunday 21th Ramadhan,we took our iftar to needy the streets Oja-Oba, and to Masajids at Apalara and Gambari respsectively.