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Some are innocent, awaiting trial others are convicted but not condemned. We seek dignify the souls of the men, women and children behind bars this Ramadhan.

Location: Ilorin, Kwara State,Nigeria.

Ramadhan Prison Project (2020)

₦ 2,000 of ₦ 1.5 million raised
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Our Story

Prisoners are also Humans

On March 17 our team went on a tour to Borstal Training Institute(Delinquent children), Oke-kura and Mandala correctional center’s to check the inmates welfare. We confirmed that there’s is a great need of relief materials to augment what the Government are providing for them. 


They are about 1000 prisoners in all three facilities. We plan to provide weekly Iftar food Items for the Inmates. These Includes Bags of Rice, Semovita, Garri, Canned Tommatoes, Sugar, Salt and spices. We also plan to donate mini water filters to these facilities.


We are also planning to deliver a Ramadhan Lecture and follow up with subsequent lectures. This will help to improve the Iman of the inmates and will also facilitate their repentance and rectification. We will also provide them with Qur’an and Islamic literatures. 


Especially for the Children behind bars we plan to fill the gap in the educational needs. We want to make sure  they are all literate. We are also planning to teach them basic Math and Science . This will help them dream big and see beyond their present situation. We will also provide them with books and writting materials.


The Hygiene in the prisons are severely lacking . There a very few drugs in the sick bay. Many prisoners don’t even have soap to take a clean bath. If we don’t act now skin diseases will continue to spread among the inmate. We want to provide Bathing Soap, Detergents, Disinfectant, Cotton wool and Aspririn.


How  your funds were used


  •   Update coming soon Insha Allah.