Campaign by : Sadaka.ng

The best of charity is that given in the holy month of ramadhan.

We are planning to distribute 400 copies of Quran and Islamic literature  to muslims in ramadhan.

Location: Ilorin, Kwara State,Nigeria.

Quran Donation For Ramadhan

₦ 9,500 of ₦ 600,000 raised
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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a Transfer payable to "Sadaka"
  2. On the reference please indicate that the "name of the campaign" you're donating to.
  3. Please e-mail your receipt to "[email protected]"
  4. Bank Name : JAIZ Bank    Account Number: 0004425887 Account Name:  JAYBEE TECH
  5. After confirmation, we will send you your Donation Receipt and update the campaign progress.






Donation Total: ₦ 1,500.00



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